Charlie Parker’s Cherokee Solo – Phrase Two!

If you missed the first phrase from this solo you can catch up here. If not, let’s get stuck in!

cherokee 2cherokee TAB 2

Harmonically, this sequence starts on the bVII7 chord (Ab7) in the key of Bb, moves to the chord for two measures, ending on C7, bringing us into the key of F. In Roman numerals you could think of it as | bVII7 | bVII7 | I | I | V of V |

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Charlie Parker’s Cherokee Solo – Phrase One!

Hey bass fans!

I’ve put it off for long enough, it’s time to transcribe some Charlie Parker! I’ve decided to go for Cherokee and even though I’m only a few bars in, let me tell you… It’s going to be an epic task!

This solo is such a massive and daunting project that I’m going to break it down into bite size chunks to upload as and when I get through them. The plan is to make a comprehensive guide of how to, analysis, dots, TAB, backing tracks, the lot!

To help us all along I’ve created a forum which you can find here. It would be awesome if everyone learning the solo with me would make an account and upload progress audio/video alternate fingerings and any errors in the transcription, my ears are not quite fast enough for me to be confident with this transcription yet!

So let’s get cracking!

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Alone Together Reharmonisation

Welcome to the first transcription of 2015! I have been working a lot on ‘Alone Together’ so as per usual I wanted to transcribe some parts for this tune. Being a big Mingus fan and a big Miles fan I thought the version from ‘Blue Moods’ would be a perfect fit.

I was wrong!

After working my way through a full chorus something didn’t look right, then I remembered reading in Mingus: A Critical Biography, that it was Mingus who had contributed the arrangement for this session. In typical Mingus fashion the song is reharmonised to within an inch of it’s life!

I have done my best to identify the chords used in the transcription but there may be some errors, anyone who finds any discrepancies please let me know in the comments below so I can amend the file!

Transcription is available from my download page here!

Top 5 Posts Of 2014

What a busy year this has been! I’m currently feeling really lucky as I am in Switzerland for the second time this year playing a mini tour and will still be home in time for Christmas!

I am just proof reading another Ebook for you guys too, it’s full of walking bass patterns for minor chords and will be available to download very soon!

In the meantime, let’s take a look at the most popular posts from 2014.

5. Georgia On My Mind Bass Transcription

4. How To Focus Your Practice Routine

3. Five Things All Bassists Shoukd Know

2. Stella By Starlight Rhythm Study

1. How To Survive A Jam Session

Thanks again for all your support with this website, hope you all have a good Christmas and see you next year!

Five Things All Bassists Should Know

Hey bass fans! This week’s post is a list of five essential things that I think all bassists should know. The best thing about these five points is that none of them involve knowing super advanced theory or being able to play sixteenths at 250bpm. Let’s get started with number one…

1. How To Set Up Your Bass

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What The World Needs Now

Welcome to another awesome transcription! This one is by Stanley Turrentine who is a guy I definitely don’t listen to as much as I should. The tune I picked is ‘What The World Needs Now’ written by Burt Bacharach. I play an arrangement of this song with my jazz trio, Minor Third so when I found this version I had to transcribe the solo! Take a listen to me playing over the solo in the video below and then read on to find out exactly what’s going on!

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How To Survive A Jam Session – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of How To Survive A Jam Session! If you missed the first instalment you can catch up here. If you did read part one then you’ve hopefully been to check out your local jam session and tried to address some of the issues I mentioned last month. It would be really great if we could all contribute to the list of tunes being called on jam sessions! Especially to see if different cities/countries are using a similar list of tunes or not. If you can throw a tune into the list please comment below and hopefully by the end of this series we will have a fairly comprehensive list of tunes!

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On Green Dolphin Street – Ray Brown Bass Transcription

If you read my post last week on how to survive a jam night, you’ll know that there was a lot of tunes getting called which I didn’t know. On Green Dolphin Street was one of them so this was my next choice for a walking bass line to transcribe. I searched through as many different versions of the song I could find and this version by the Oscar Peterson Trio is the most swinging version by far! Check out the song below and then read on to see what the mighty Ray Brown was getting up to.

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How To Survive A Jam Session – Part 1

At the end of last year I ran a poll for all my subscribers to see what content you would really like to see on my blog. I’ve been trying to keep an even spread of topics people wanted to see covered but there was one topic a lot of people were eager to hear about that I’m still yet to discuss…

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ii V I Walking Bass Lick Using Altered Dominant Harmony

After my week away I was pretty eager to get back into the Ray Brown transcription I have been working on. (Click here to see the progress so far!) Yesterday I got through another chorus and found this awesome little ii V I lick that I had to share with you guys!
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