Anytune Pro+ Review

This past week I’ve been using the new Anytune Pro+ app for my transcribing and I’ve got to start off by saying that it’s pretty good!

It is only available for iPhone, iPad or Mac and like most apps it has a really clean look and is super easy to use as everything is touch screen. Anytune is absolutely jam packed with features, more than I will probably ever need, but that’s definitely not a complaint!

It’s almost as though the guys who made this app read my RiffStation review and addressed everything that I thought was missing. Most importantly for me are the type of functions that you are going to use over and over again, such as play/pause.

Anytune gives you the option to play from where you’ve paused the track or to play from the last place you played from and it even offers a delayed start on the section you are working on. All of these features can be easily and instantly accessed and tweaked.

Whilst looping tricky sections you can also use a new feature called ‘Step It Up Trainer’. This is a really cool feature which allows you to pick a start tempo, say 50% speed, an end tempo and a step count, or how many times you want the section to play. Each time you come back to the start of the lick it bumps the tempo up slightly allowing you to gradually increase the tempo you are practising the section at. When you are working with loops, moving your start and end point markers or even the whole loop is easier than ever too.

Another great feature is having the ability to plug your instrument into your iOS device and play along with the track, you can even pan your instrument one way and the track the other to help keep them separate. To do this you will need an iRig or something similar though.

The basic transcribing tools that I was looking for are great too. There’s a ton of preset EQ’s for isolating bass, vocals, sax, guitar and many more as well as having blank EQ’s for you to create your own. The slow down and pitch up/down work brilliantly too, I would have to say the sound quality while using all of these features remains slightly higher than RiffStation too.

On top of all this you can import songs from almost anywhere, you can dive straight into your iTunes library, sync songs from DropBox, you can take them straight from your computer over Wifi, you can even record something playing off the radio and slow it down! Once you’ve got your tracks in you can create playlists or just open multiple files and flick through them without having to reload anything and without losing any markers or filters you have added.

Once you’ve finished with your tracks everything can be backed up to the cloud at the touch of a button and can be exported complete with markers and filters, although to export the audio requires a £2.99 upgrade!

Overall I’m pretty blown away by this app, it’s super functional and it looks great. I have been using it on my iPhone which can be a little cramped but it’s not stopped me using it, if anything it just makes me want to buy an iPad!

If you want to give Anytune a go there is a free version available from the App Store so you can try before you buy.

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  1. I’ve now been used Anytune PRO+ for the past 6 month and it became the main tools for my live performance as both onemanband and with my rock band.
    This APP has been my most important musical tools in every aspect like when I need to learn the fastest guitar licks, witch anytune can slowdown as much as I need to without affecting the overall sound quality or when I need to find out witch note the bass player are playing by isolating/enhancing the bass sound or/and slow it down so I can program the exactly same notes on my backing tracks. On a live situation Anytune has been an incredible tools.
    First of all the lyrics following each song so I don’t need to worry about find them after I choose a song on a huge lyrics book like I’ve been used for the past 35 years(save me time and worries). Occasionally I get some Guest artist who wanna sing a song with me and they ask me if I can play it in another tunes,I couldn’t do it with a regular MP3 player but with Anytune is just a matter of seconds I can transpose the song without affecting the sound quality. On the last update(V 3,9) I discover a lots of other useful tools like the way that I can mix my own set and in a matter of seconds I can rearrange the position of the songs on a list. This are just wonderful and powerful tools for a live entertainer but must important fact for me is that: Anytune has never let me down on stage, has been 100% functional and never give me something to complain about it. So if you are looking for a complete musical tools don’t hesitate to buy it ‘couse I’ve been tried most of them out there and I’ve bougth it quite a few too but they are not even closed to what anytune can perform.

  2. Anytune uploaded a real nice video about “Bass Line Isolation”…check here and another fan video isolating a fast Gospel bass line

  3. Would this be an easy to use tool for someone transitioning from written lyric sheets and a live accompanist to a solo performer that needs to now create backing tracks as accompaniment, and would also most likely need the ability to change keys and tempo? I have a MacBook and an older iPad, and a small BOSS speaker that has three 1/4″ inputs. Any advice greatly appreciated. 🙂


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