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iBass Magazine – Everson Caiman T-5 Review

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting The Great British Bass Lounge to try out some beautiful basses for iBass Magazine. The bass featured in this month’s edition is the Everson Caiman T-5 , a one off hand built bass from a British builder. You can get the full review and my video demo of this awesome bass in the magazine!


Five Things All Bassists Should Know

Hey bass fans! This week’s post is a list of five essential things that I think all bassists should know. The best thing about these five points is that none of them involve knowing super advanced theory or being able to play sixteenths at 250bpm. Let’s get started with number one…

1. How To Set Up Your Bass

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How To Survive A Jam Session – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of How To Survive A Jam Session! If you missed the first instalment you can catch up here. If you did read part one then you’ve hopefully been to check out your local jam session and tried to address some of the issues I mentioned last month. It would be really great if we could all contribute to the list of tunes being called on jam sessions! Especially to see if different cities/countries are using a similar list of tunes or not. If you can throw a tune into the list please comment below and hopefully by the end of this series we will have a fairly comprehensive list of tunes!

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How To Survive A Jam Session – Part 1

At the end of last year I ran a poll for all my subscribers to see what content you would really like to see on my blog. I’ve been trying to keep an even spread of topics people wanted to see covered but there was one topic a lot of people were eager to hear about that I’m still yet to discuss…

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New Ray Brown Transcription!

Hey guys!

I’ve started working through a new song and a new transcription recently, this month I’ve been looking at On Green Dolphin Street. The version from Oscar Peterson’s ‘Sound Of The Trio’ album swings so hard I just had to transcribe the bass line.

I’ve gotten through the first two choruses, which if you’re familiar with this song is basically, the head and then a laid back chorus before the full walking line comes in. I just thought I’d share what I’ve done so far with you and also ask for some feedback on the new look transcriptions!

I’ve started working with a new program, Notion 4 (review coming soon!) and I get a lot more options. Mainly for you guys, the option to include TAB or not. I’ve uploaded a version below with TAB but I would really appreciate your comments on the issue!

The options being…

  1. All TAB all the time!
  2. No TAB ever, let’s learn how to read!
  3. Upload two versions, one with and one without.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!
The download below is a sample, click here for the post with the full transcription!

On Green Dolphin Street Sample with TAB (596)

Pushing Into New Territory

Yesterday was a pretty challenging day for me musically, challenging in a good way! I have two regular gigs that both fall on the same day once a month and yesterday was that day. Both gigs are with my jazz trio Minor Third, we play a mellow afternoon set and then go on to play a more upbeat set in the evening at a different venue.

These are usually fairly safe gigs for me but this week our keys player had another engagement in the afternoon and couldn’t make the first gig, and our evening gig we decided to open as a jam night to try and help musicians (including ourselves!) network.

After having no luck finding a dep for our pianist I called a local sax player to see if he’d be up for an afternoon of jazz and cake! He obviously said ‘yes’ as who could resist that?! But what this did mean was our set was now completely up in the air, I tend to take a lot of melodies when we gig although with just a sax for backing that wasn’t a very appealing option yesterday, also a lot of the ballads we play didn’t really work with out the keys there to fill it out. Most noticeably for me though was when it came for my turn to solo on the tunes there was absolutely no harmony to back me up. Being put in this situation, and at only a few days notice, quickly exposed some holes in my playing!


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