Being Cool And Playing The Blues – A Lesson From Miles.


Everybody knows that Miles was the coolest, even lying in bed wearing polka dot pyjamas and holding a bright red trumpet, he was still the coolest. In this lesson I’m going to try and help us all learn from the master and be that little bit cooler when we’re playing the blues.

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Introduction To Blues Bass Lines

In honour of the late B.B. King who sadly passed this week, this bass lesson is all about how to play a bass line for a 12 bar blues.

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One of the first areas of study I look at with a new student is how to play over a 12 bar blues. Using a simple I IV V progression and just one chord type it’s a great way to start learning and using some basic theory for students who are new to it. (If you need help with your theory, I am currently working on a new ebook – an introduction to theory for bassists which will be available soon!)

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