iBass Magazine – Everson Caiman T-5 Review

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting The Great British Bass Lounge to try out some beautiful basses for iBass Magazine. The bass featured in this month’s edition is the Everson Caiman T-5 , a one off hand built bass from a British builder. You can get the full review and my video demo of this awesome bass in the magazine!


Exploring Minor Scale Choices

The idea for this blog post came from another transcription request I received from one of my subscribers. It is one of the stranger requests I’ve received being that the line they wanted transcribing was actually a sound clip from a review/demo of the new Sire Marcus Miller bass. If you haven’t heard about this bass yet, where have you been?!? Catch up here! 

The original sound clip can be heard following this link. The sound clip is called 3. Bridge PU in playback’ and is eight bars of tasty minor grooving! The bassist in question must be Rainer Wind, a guy I’ve not come across before but he is the author of the article so we can only assume that these cool licks came from him, if anyone can shed any light on this please let us know in the comments below!

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Feature in Get Into This!

Hey guys!

Firstly let me apologise for my lack of posts in the last few weeks, I’ve been super SUPER busy! I’ve just started playing with two new groups, along with teaching, sessions and all that goes along with it! There is a really cool minor ii V lesson on its way soon along with an update on the issues raised in last month’s post, along with some lessons to match of course 🙂

I’m also half way through an ebook I’m putting together for you guys. It’s going to be 5 Miles Davis ii-V-I licks complete with analysis and ways to implement them into your playing. This is going to be absolutely FREE so I will keep you all posted!

In the meantime, check out my latest feature on Get Into This’ blog with a quick review of my latest EP, ‘The Optimist’. Also available to buy from BandCamp and iTunes!

Anytune Pro+ Review

This past week I’ve been using the new Anytune Pro+ app for my transcribing and I’ve got to start off by saying that it’s pretty good!

It is only available for iPhone, iPad or Mac and like most apps it has a really clean look and is super easy to use as everything is touch screen. Anytune is absolutely jam packed with features, more than I will probably ever need, but that’s definitely not a complaint!

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RiffStation Review

I’m always on the look out for new technology that can make my life easier, especially when it comes to transcribing, anything that can be offered is greatly appreciated. I saw an advert for a new program called RiffStation and thought I’d give it a go. I was initially put off as it seems to be targeted quite heavily towards guitarists but I have managed to find a lot of different uses for the program.

To my surprise RiffStation was actually quite good at separating out the bass tracks from records, which was the main reason I wanted the program! To separate out the instrument you want is extremely simple, you can choose a low or high pass filter and then fine tune the option you’ve picked to best suit the song you’re working on.
If it’s a low quality mp3 or just an old recording it doesn’t bring it out crystal clear and has that ‘underwater’ quality to it, although that is to be expected really. With more modern recordings it works much better. Read more

The Business Of Bass?

I recently ordered Nathan East’s DVD ‘The Business Of Bass’. I’m generally quite weary about instructional DVDs/books as I find they tend to state either the obvious and not much else, or are filled with exercises that seem designed specifically to send your brain to sleep. After reading some great reviews of how essential this DVD is I decided to give it a go. Read more