Chick Corea – Spain Lesson. Awesome Pentatonic Lick.

Recently I’ve been looking further into the music of Chick Corea, he is an incredible improviser, composer and a great inspiration to me and many other musicians! If you haven’t heard much Chick Corea I’d recommend you check out the ‘History’ album available on Spotify for a quick intro!

In this lesson we’re going to look at a typical Chick lick, a few key features of it and there is also a free backing track at the end of this post for you to practice with! The lick in this lesson is taken from Chick’s classic tune, ‘Spain’, you can hear the lick at 06:36, check it out below:

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Exploring Minor Scale Choices

The idea for this blog post came from another transcription request I received from one of my subscribers. It is one of the stranger requests I’ve received being that the line they wanted transcribing was actually a sound clip from a review/demo of the new Sire Marcus Miller bass. If you haven’t heard about this bass yet, where have you been?!? Catch up here! 

The original sound clip can be heard following this link. The sound clip is called 3. Bridge PU in playback’ and is eight bars of tasty minor grooving! The bassist in question must be Rainer Wind, a guy I’ve not come across before but he is the author of the article so we can only assume that these cool licks came from him, if anyone can shed any light on this please let us know in the comments below!

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Introduction To Blues Bass Lines

In honour of the late B.B. King who sadly passed this week, this bass lesson is all about how to play a bass line for a 12 bar blues.

This lesson comes with a FREE eBook containing all the information in this post plus three blues bass line transcriptions and a practice sheet to get you on your way playing blues bass! Click here to go to the store and download your FREE eBook!


One of the first areas of study I look at with a new student is how to play over a 12 bar blues. Using a simple I IV V progression and just one chord type it’s a great way to start learning and using some basic theory for students who are new to it. (If you need help with your theory, I am currently working on a new ebook – an introduction to theory for bassists which will be available soon!)

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Herbie Hancock Half-Whole Diminished Lick

I recently wanted to expand my vocabulary for playing over altered dominant chords, specifically a Dominant 7#11 (Lydian Dominant) chord. I went straight to Cantaloupe Island as it has 4 bar sections of a Db7#11 chord, check out the lick I found on the video below at around 2:00
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Autumn Leaves – Miles Davis A Section. Part 1/4

Anyone who follows this blog may have seen my post last month on slowing down the transcription process. As I said, this doesn’t mean an end to transcriptions! Just that I will be trying a more in depth, bite size approach.

I’ve started transcribing one of my favourite solos of all time, Miles Davis on Autumn Leaves from Cannonball Adderley’s album, Somethin’ Else.

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Pentatonic Lick Built From the ii chord

This is lesson 3 on my series on the pentatonic scale and is going to be based on a section from Mark Levine’s book, “The Jazz Theory Book”, which is an excellent book that I highly recommend buying!

It’s a Joe Henderson lick from the tune Gaslight with Duke Pearson. You can hear the lick at around 1:10 on the video below.

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