Being Cool And Playing The Blues – A Lesson From Miles.


Everybody knows that Miles was the coolest, even lying in bed wearing polka dot pyjamas and holding a bright red trumpet, he was still the coolest. In this lesson I’m going to try and help us all learn from the master and be that little bit cooler when we’re playing the blues.

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Lover Man – Dizzy Solo

Hey bass fans! Back with another transcription for you, it’s only short but it is a double whammy – bass and trumpet transcription! I’ve transcribed the bridge that Dizzy blows over from his 1945 recording with Sarah Vaughan. Take a listen in the YouTube clip below!

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Charlie Parker’s Cherokee Solo – Phrase Three!

I’ve made it to the end of the first repeat of the A section! While this doesn’t sound like much, if you’ve been following this series with me then you’ll know what a challenging piece to play this is. This series of posts is taking a lot longer than I’d anticipated to produce so apologies for the delay, the reason being that I really feel that I need to be up to speed playing wise and also internalising the music before I keep ploughing on through transcriptions so I’ve taken a bit of a breather to try and get to grips with the first 16 bars.

Let’s take a look at the phrase that finishes this section off, a harmonic analysis of the chords would look like this;

| II7 | ii | VI7b9 | ii | V+7 || I |


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Charlie Parker’s Cherokee Solo – Phrase Two!

If you missed the first phrase from this solo you can catch up here. If not, let’s get stuck in!


Harmonically, this sequence starts on the bVII7 chord (Ab7) in the key of Bb, moves to the chord for two measures, ending on C7, bringing us into the key of F. In Roman numerals you could think of it as | bVII7 | bVII7 | I | I | V of V |

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Charlie Parker’s Cherokee Solo – Phrase One!

Hey bass fans!

I’ve put it off for long enough, it’s time to transcribe some Charlie Parker! I’ve decided to go for Cherokee and even though I’m only a few bars in, let me tell you… It’s going to be an epic task!

This solo is such a massive and daunting project that I’m going to break it down into bite size chunks to upload as and when I get through them. The plan is to make a comprehensive guide of how to, analysis, dots, TAB, backing tracks, the lot!

To help us all along I’ve created a forum which you can find here. It would be awesome if everyone learning the solo with me would make an account and upload progress audio/video alternate fingerings and any errors in the transcription, my ears are not quite fast enough for me to be confident with this transcription yet!

So let’s get cracking!

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What The World Needs Now

Welcome to another awesome transcription! This one is by Stanley Turrentine who is a guy I definitely don’t listen to as much as I should. The tune I picked is ‘What The World Needs Now’ written by Burt Bacharach. I play an arrangement of this song with my jazz trio, Minor Third so when I found this version I had to transcribe the solo! Take a listen to me playing over the solo in the video below and then read on to find out exactly what’s going on!

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