Being Cool And Playing The Blues – A Lesson From Miles.


Everybody knows that Miles was the coolest, even lying in bed wearing polka dot pyjamas and holding a bright red trumpet, he was still the coolest. In this lesson I’m going to try and help us all learn from the master and be that little bit cooler when we’re playing the blues.

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How To Survive A Jam Session – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of How To Survive A Jam Session! If you missed the first instalment you can catch up here. If you did read part one then you’ve hopefully been to check out your local jam session and tried to address some of the issues I mentioned last month. It would be really great if we could all contribute to the list of tunes being called on jam sessions! Especially to see if different cities/countries are using a similar list of tunes or not. If you can throw a tune into the list please comment below and hopefully by the end of this series we will have a fairly comprehensive list of tunes!

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How To Survive A Jam Session – Part 1

At the end of last year I ran a poll for all my subscribers to see what content you would really like to see on my blog. I’ve been trying to keep an even spread of topics people wanted to see covered but there was one topic a lot of people were eager to hear about that I’m still yet to discuss…

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Rhythm Study – Stella By Starlight

After recording myself playing over Stella By Starlight last month, I’ve had a lot on my plate practice wise! If you’ve not read that post yet you might find it useful to stop by over there first!

In this post I will just be looking at the issues I had with the rhythms I was playing. Again, in the main most of it I was happy with but the whole idea of this exercise is to be critical and improve as much as possible!

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How To Focus Your Practise Routine!

A great way to focus your practise routine is to record yourself practising to watch back later to pick up on any areas of weakness. This is something that lots of the top players recommend, check out Steve Nixon’s latest post on the 10 practice tools he couldn’t live without!

At this week’s rehearsal with Minor Third I decided to give it a shot. We were trying Stella By Starlight for the first time and it’s also the latest tune I’ve been working on (I’ve just finished a John Coltrane solo on this that will be posted soon!) So it seemed like a good choice.

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To Pick Or Not To Pick?

I often find that a bassist who uses a pick are often instantly categorized as being ‘not very good’. I think this is a massive misconception and shows the ignorance of a lot of musicians. I’m sorry to admit but a few years ago I was firmly in this category.
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