World On Fire

Hey bass fans, it’s been a while! I’ve got some exciting news coming very soon but in the meantime please check out my new single, World on Fire.

It was composed as part of my recent master’s research project into composing for film using improvisation. A link to the video is below and the track is available for free download from Bandcamp or you can follow me on Spotify!

This track is the first of four that will be released, give me a follow on Bandcamp or Spotify to be notified of upcoming releases.


New single release!

Hey bass fans!

In this crazy time that we find ourselves in, I considered delaying the release of this track… However, maybe the world needs to hear my crazy new song about the buffalo now more than ever?!

The song is available to stream for free from Spotify, Apple music and everywhere else. You can also download it direct from Band Camp, also for free! https://mattlawton.bandcamp.com/

I hope you all enjoy it!