Masoko Tanga Transcription

Hey guys! Two transcription requests in one week, and two great songs that I haven’t heard before so keep them coming! I thought I would post this one publically too as it’s such a great groove. The song is built around two main bass lines with a few riffs thrown in. It’s got a crazy off beat in the A section though that makes it feel almost like there’s a bar of 3 hiding in there somewhere but it is in 4, Sting just has no respect for bar lines!

Download the transcription below!

Masok0 Tango (533)

Mr PC bass line transcription

Hey guys!

I’ve just uploaded 8 full choruses of Paul Chamber’s absolutely killing on this tune! It’s at a pretty rapid 250bpm so you’re going to need to take it slow at first, or at least relatively slow! It’s full of great licks and a lot of cheeky B naturals. He also uses the same lick to open and close most choruses which must be to help give a bit of continuity due to the absolutely rapid tempo of the song.

Anyway it’s a great tune and an even greater bass line so go check it out!

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