Walking Bass

New eBook! Walking Bass For Minor Blues – Style Of Paul Chambers

I am very pleased to announce the launch of my newest ebook!

All of the material in this book comes directly from transcriptions of Paul Chambers’ bass lines.

In your download you will get…

  • 35 pages
  • 30+ exercises
  • 4 etudes
  • 3 study pieces
  • 48 backing tracks
  • 2 midi files

For this week only, get it at the discounted rate of £7.50!

Getting The Most From The Basics – Creating A Walking Bass Line

As the new year starts like many of us I’m readdressing my practice routine! I’ve currently got more work on than I know what to do with, which is great! But my practice time definitely suffers. My new quick fix when I’m tight on time is to just practice the basics, the easy stuff!

We all know that the easy stuff is boring, right? Practicing triads is a waste of time, it’s only three notes, that’s easy! RIGHT?! Well no, not really, but I’m sure we’ve all been there. You find yourself sitting in the practice room with good intentions and when you’re working on the easy stuff, the basics, your mind wanders and you move into more adventurous territory. Hopefully this post will help us all stay on the straight and narrow in the practice room when you see what can be done using the simple stuff.

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Lover Man – Dizzy Solo

Hey bass fans! Back with another transcription for you, it’s only short but it is a double whammy – bass and trumpet transcription! I’ve transcribed the bridge that Dizzy blows over from his 1945 recording with Sarah Vaughan. Take a listen in the YouTube clip below!

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Alone Together Reharmonisation

Welcome to the first transcription of 2015! I have been working a lot on ‘Alone Together’ so as per usual I wanted to transcribe some parts for this tune. Being a big Mingus fan and a big Miles fan I thought the version from ‘Blue Moods’ would be a perfect fit.

I was wrong!

After working my way through a full chorus something didn’t look right, then I remembered reading in Mingus: A Critical Biography, that it was Mingus who had contributed the arrangement for this session. In typical Mingus fashion the song is reharmonised to within an inch of it’s life!

I have done my best to identify the chords used in the transcription but there may be some errors, anyone who finds any discrepancies please let me know in the comments below so I can amend the file!

Transcription is available from my download page here!

On Green Dolphin Street – Ray Brown Bass Transcription

If you read my post last week on how to survive a jam night, you’ll know that there was a lot of tunes getting called which I didn’t know. On Green Dolphin Street was one of them so this was my next choice for a walking bass line to transcribe. I searched through as many different versions of the song I could find and this version by the Oscar Peterson Trio is the most swinging version by far! Check out the song below and then read on to see what the mighty Ray Brown was getting up to.

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ii V I Walking Bass Lick Using Altered Dominant Harmony

After my week away I was pretty eager to get back into the Ray Brown transcription I have been working on. (Click here to see the progress so far!) Yesterday I got through another chorus and found this awesome little ii V I lick that I had to share with you guys!
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