Spanish Joint Bass Transcription – Marcus Miller

While Marcus Miller is known for his killer slap technique and his signature tone, he is also an incredible bassist in a more traditional sense. Check out his killer groove on David Sanborn’s latest record, “Time and the River” – specifically the cover of D’Angelo’s track, “Spanish Joint”.

Full transcription available for Patrons! (more info here!)

Miller plays most of this track palm muted and creates a line with subtle but effective developments as the track progresses.

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New eBook! Walking Bass For Minor Blues – Style Of Paul Chambers

I am very pleased to announce the launch of my newest ebook!

All of the material in this book comes directly from transcriptions of Paul Chambers’ bass lines.

In your download you will get…

  • 35 pages
  • 30+ exercises
  • 4 etudes
  • 3 study pieces
  • 48 backing tracks
  • 2 midi files

For this week only, get it at the discounted rate of £7.50!

The Reviews Are Out!

The past few months I’ve been working on as MD on a pantomime at The Epstein Theatre, Liverpool. Last night was our press launch and the reviews are up from last night, very relieved to get 4 stars and looking forward to another three weeks of shows!

Liverpool Echo

“In fact this year’s show, supported by a live band, is packed with tunes, particularly a medley at the start of the second half which includes Atomic Kitten numbers The Tide is High and Right Now.”

Wirral Globe

“The three-piece band under the leadership of Matt Lawton were spot on for the wide range of songs – a disco medley especially.”

Good News Liverpool

“Musical Director Matt Lawton heads the 3 piece pit band who pack quite a punch in some clever arrangements.”

Liverpool Sound and Vision

“…it is rare in the world of pantomime to find such generosity of spirit for another’s work but in this year’s Aladdin at the Epstein Theatre it is one that is finely tuned and one of positive illumination.”

Write Base Theatre

“Although the humour was a heavy aspect of the show, and a strong one at that, the music was good too. The stand-out musical performance came from Aladdin and the Princess joining to sing Whole Again; of course, with the Princess being Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton, this felt more like a mini-concert than a panto rendition, and therefore was probably the strongest musical moment ever for an Epstein panto.”

ShowArtwork_aladdin a5.jpg

Being Cool And Playing The Blues – A Lesson From Miles.


Everybody knows that Miles was the coolest, even lying in bed wearing polka dot pyjamas and holding a bright red trumpet, he was still the coolest. In this lesson I’m going to try and help us all learn from the master and be that little bit cooler when we’re playing the blues.

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Dave Joseph Jazz Award Winner!!

Hey bass fans! I just wanted to let you know that last week I was presented with the Dave Joseph Award! It is a great honour to be recognised by the local jazz community and to be able to celebrate with some of the cities best jazz musicians.

On the evening of the award show I played a set with my new trio Red Giant at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool. At the show we played a few of my original tunes with some standards that we gave our special Red Giant treatment too! To hear our take on a few classic standards check out the video below fro our live session for Bay TV. Check out some pics from the event and Red Giant’s new videos below!

Follow the links below to see Red Giant’s other videos…


Four On Six

Chick Corea – Spain Lesson. Awesome Pentatonic Lick.

Recently I’ve been looking further into the music of Chick Corea, he is an incredible improviser, composer and a great inspiration to me and many other musicians! If you haven’t heard much Chick Corea I’d recommend you check out the ‘History’ album available on Spotify for a quick intro!

In this lesson we’re going to look at a typical Chick lick, a few key features of it and there is also a free backing track at the end of this post for you to practice with! The lick in this lesson is taken from Chick’s classic tune, ‘Spain’, you can hear the lick at 06:36, check it out below:

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