Getting My Demos Together

I’ve been working on some tracks for a new CD this month and this excerpt below is one that’s pretty much finished, or at least the demos are! All midi instruments will eventually be replaced with the real thing but for now I’ve got a bit of time to concentrate on my bass parts.

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Using Sequences In Your Improvisations

Using sequences is a great way to give your improvisations structure and start to move away from the ‘widdling’ I think we have all been guilty of at some point…

For those that don’t know, a sequence is a repeated phrase and these can be melodic or rhythmic. A great example of this is in Freddie Hubbard’s solo on ‘Maiden Voyage‘. Hubbard stays very much within the harmony playing the 4th, 3rd and 9th of D mixolydian over the Dsus chord. He then moves the phrase up a minor 3rd to play the same phrase over the Fsus.


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New Blog Launched!

Welcome to my brand spanking new website! All of my old content is still available on and there are a few finishing touches to be made here but we are now live! Another new addition you may have noticed too and that is my new mailing list. Go sign up to keep up to date with new blog posts, lessons, youtube uploads, music releases, gigs and the occasional freebies!